Prayer Concerns

Due to privacy concerns, we will not be posting names of individuals in need of prayer.  You may want to refer to our last bulletin for a list that was compiled for March 15th.

However, there are several topics of interest that we can and should pray for:

We need to pray against the virus; that it will weaken both inside the body and out.

In that regard, we need to pray for warmer weather, unseasonably warm weather.

We need to pray for all those who have contracted the virus, especially those who are in intensive care.

We need to pray for all those who, due to their jobs, are exposed to many people every day, such as postal workers, bank tellers, carryout workers, and grocery store employees.

We need to pray for everyone involved in the medical industry, all the nurses, aides, doctors, therapists, receptionists, EMT's, etc.

We need to pray for our military, our nation's leaders, and those countries around the world who are hotbeds for the virus.

We need to pray for New York state and especially New York City.

We need to pray for our state and our community, for divine protection.